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Trainer Plates

Trainer Plates

Our Trainer plates is developed to suit the customers who prefers a traditional English style concave horseshoe. The hind shoe has a different shape depending on the placement of the clips, i.e. toe or side. The front shoe only come in one shape and has a toe clip.

Price: 2.30 €


SP shoe

Available in pcs

Price: 2.50 €

Cemtec Equishoe Eco

Cemtec Equishoe Eco

Designed by Arthur Cottam

Eco is a concave style shoe with perfect shape and nice finish. Deep nailcrease with clear nailholes and perfect pitch. The heels have flat area for placement of studholes and extra traction. Hind’s available side clipped. Dimension increases with size of shoe.

Price: 2.60 €

Professional riding shoes

Professional riding shoes

The Professional is a innovative riding shoe with horse and farrier in focus. It’s truly a Customer-made product developed in cooperation with several farriers with the famous Dieter Kröhnert from Germany in the lead. Professional is unique with wide heels for extra support and for being factory pre-grinded. The shoe is more or less ready from the box.

Price: 2.60 €

NA riding

NA riding

Shaped like natural hoof. The NA shoe has been developed and is being produced especially for the US-market. The NA range consist of three models; NA, NA Rim and NA Lites. Three wellknown and popular shoes.

Price: 2.70 €


SP shoe with holes

Available in pcs

Price: 3.03 €

Aluminium Racing Plate

Aluminium Racing Plate

This Racing Plate has a well proven formula of high quality, design, shape and features. We have chosen extra durable cast aluminium with steel wear insert. Hind shoe has solid heel design for longer wear. Extra nail holes give a lot of option when dealing with problem hoofs. The shoe is more or less ready from the box.


Price: 3.30 €


Horse-shoes Εquillibrium from mustad

Price: 4.04 €


Price: 8.59 €


Ollov Original

This is a compounded horseshoe, made of a steel core covered with rubber. The steel provides stability to the hoof and makes the shoe easy to nail and shape. The rubber absorbs shock and vibration. 

Price: 12.12 €


Price: 26.26 €


Price: 36.36 €
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West Bridle ΚΕΦ-0095

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