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Hoof balm ΛΕΟ-0055

Hoof Balm

In support of hoof growth.

Hoof Balm cultivates healthy-to-the-core hooves, actively promoting horn growth and noticeably improving horn quality. Glycerine and sheep’s wool wax help seal moisture in the hoof horn. Laurel oil and oil of turpentine improve the circulation deep inside, thereby promoting growth.

Price: 6.55 €


Wash-Shampoo + Care

With Extra Care

With valuable panthenol for penetrating effectiveness!

Coat and hair receive volume and shine.

Price: 9.57 €


Price: 9.57 €

Disinfectant spray ΛΕΟ-0013

Disinfectant Spray

Disinfection you can rely on: fights bacteria, viruses and fungi!

Disinfectant Spray is guaranteed to destroy harmful micro-organisms which are capable of causing infections in humans and animals Comes as a clear solution, disinfects thoroughly and takes effect soon after contact. Disinfectant spray is an indispensable aid when it comes to safe disinfection in the stable or elsewhere.

Price: 10.08 €

Leather foam ΛΕΟ-0056

Leather Foam

.... simply done faster!

A creamy grooming, all-in-one foam: It cleanses leather, replenishes its oils, plus preserves and protects with anti-oxidants. Gives a superb shine, too.

Price: 10.59 €

Leovet - Grease ΛΕΟ-0024

HOOF LAB Hoof Grease

With laurel and eucalyptus at a smart price.

Nourishes and strengthens the hoof. Regenerates brittle and cracking horn. Eucalyptus oil promotes natural growth and elasticity. Hoof Grease is absorbed quickly and seals moisture in the hoof. The hoof retains its breathability. For beautiful, well-groomed hooves.

Without petroleum jelly, mineral oil and parabens!

Price: 12.00 €

Cellsius ΛΕΟ-0074


Gel for horses water bonding on horseʼs wet legs

Price: 12.10 €


Silver Ointment

Special care for skin after injuries. Ideal for mud fever.

Contains colloidal silver.
Silver Ointment contains pure silver which, by way of the enlarged surface area, leads to continuous release of silver ions. This allows the silverʼs antiseptic effect to unfold, pushing back bacteria. Infections abate, allowing the skin to calm and regenerate. High-quality plant oils provide dry, cracked skin with moisture, making it smooth. Can be used preventively to protect the pastern from moisture and bacteria. Silver Ointment can be used in combination with leovet Zinc Oxide Spray.

Price: 12.10 €



Optimal trush care for sole and frog.

The brush-on pack makes application easy and gives sole and frog a good massage. Rotted horn is removed and circulation stimulated. Frog and sole are protected from further rot. FrogAde also has a preventive effect.

Price: 12.60 €

Power shampoo ΛΕΟ-0062

Power Shampoo Camomile


Roman camomile brightens naturally, giving pale coats and longhair a lushly gleaming colour reflection.

With Bio-Sulphur-Fluid for a healthy scalp, free of dandruff and itchiness.

UV filters protect coat and longhair against whitening.

Price: 12.60 €

Power shampoo ΛΕΟ-0063

Power Shampoo Walnut

Walnut stock brings a strong glow to dark hair.

Natural colour pigments unlock the brilliance and luminosity of the hairʼs own colour, also polishing the hair fibres.


For an extra long-lasting sheen with UV protection - free-flowing, shiny hair full of bounce and vitality and a healthy scalp free of dandruff and itching.

Price: 12.60 €

Shiny White Shampoo ΛΕΟ-0065

Shiny White Grooming Shampoo

Body culture for white horses

Shampoo lets discolourations disappear and brilliantly enhances the hair’s shine. Naturally moisturises the hair.

Price: 13.06 €
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