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Trophogast Pellet - Product in pellet adjuvant in the protection and regeneration of gastric mucosa

Code: TEC-0071

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Product Description

Trophogast Pellet by Equiplanet

is used to protect the state of the gastric mucosa during periods of excessive stress due to intense competitive activity, unbalanced nutrition (in favor of cereals), weaning, transport. 
Trophogast Pellet has a buffering action (aluminum hydroxide and plant extracts), healing and protective (protective barrier created by the action of pectins, lecithin and glycerol). 
Trophogast Pellet can also be administered to horses subjected to very severe forms of gastritis during the intermediate stages of drug therapy cycles to avoid exacerbations.


Zinc 500 mg, Pectins 150,000 mg. 
For the complete composition, see tag.


Complementary to protective gastro treatments: 250 g per day for at least 20 days, repeat as needed. 
Competition: 200 g per day for 8-10 days before each competition, especially for subjects with previous gastrointestinal diseases. 
Foals prevention: 150 g per day for 20 days 2-3 times a year. 
Adult prevention: 250 g per day for 20 days 3-4 times a year.

5 kg

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